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Intelligent bots are computer programs that leverage artificial intelligence to enable natural conversations with people. The recent advancements in machine learning and the convergence of compute power and big data are bringing artificial intelligence into the mainstream. Intelligent bots will transform every facet of every industry and dramatically improve the customer experience.


Migrate your sites and apps from Windows and Linux web servers to Azure App Service. Deploy and scale your apps in seconds on the cloud.


Enable enterprise wide secure media storage and streaming using our Media hub solution.

  • Create a distinct personal element with videos to increase engagement

  • Connect with your audience anywhere, anytime, on any device

  • Gather actionable intelligence from your media

  • Gain business agility with a comprehensive media platform

  • Index your videos and use video search to gain insights and generate sub-titles for your videos.

  • Run videos at desired bit-rates.

Use our Cognitive services to do more!

  • Enable natural and contextual interaction with tools that augment users' experiences using the power of machine-based intelligence.

  • A collection of powerful artificial intelligence algorithms for vision, speech, language, and knowledge.

  • Personalized applications which return smart insights about faces, images and emotions

  • Applications which process on your spoken language.

Leverage azure services to build and deploy excellent apps for Facial Recognition and Registration like

  • Registration Kiosks

  • Visitor registration

  • Emotions recognition

  • User Authentication

DevOps brings together people, processes and products and enables continuous delivery of value to your end users. Azure makes DevOps easy, fast and cost-effective with the resources and open source tools you need to meet your business objectives

  • Get to market faster for competitive advantage

  • Improve quality, performance and customer satisfaction

  • Scale to handle your business growth

A disaster recovery plan is a set of procedures to recover and protect a business IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster and it is of prime importance for organizations in todays times to have a disaster recovery system is place. Orchestrate your disaster recovery plan

  • Automated protection and replication of virtual machines

  • No-impact recovery plan testing

  • Remote health monitoring

  • Orchestrated recovery when needed

  • Customizable recovery plans

  • Replication to—and recovery in—Azure

Operations Management Suite (also known as OMS) is a collection of management services that were designed in the cloud from the start. Rather than deploying and managing on-premises resources, OMS components are entirely hosted in Azure. Configuration is minimal, and you can be up and running literally in a matter of minutes.

  • Minimal cost and complexity of deployment

  • Scale to cloud levels.

  • Take advantage of the latest features

  • Integrated services.

  • Global knowledge

  • Access from anywhere.

Fast, easy and lean dev-test environments

  • Quickly provision development and test environments

  • Minimize waste with quotas and policies

  • Set automated shutdowns to minimize costs

  • Build Windows and Linux environments