Cloud Support
Comprehensive Support Services from NDS to meet your unique business needs, reduce costs and facilitate apositive ROI

Growing partners across the globe always feel the need to scale up their teams. But these organizations have to face multiple challenges in scaling up the team and finding the right resources.

Talent shortages are having a negative impact on the ability of organizations to meet client needs. Consequences include:

  • Reduced competitiveness and productivity
  • Increased employee turnover
  • Higher compensation costs
  • Reduced employee engagement/morale

As an extremely competitive marketplace with high levels of staff turnover, there is a continuous battle for top-level talent. There is a greater need for flexibility and agility in the workforce, allowing capability and capacity to be adjusted in line with demand.

NDS Global’s Extended Team model addresses the core challenges, whilst delivering many other benefits. We can provide a team of highly skilled staff who operate under your guidance to deliver on the requirements of your business. We commit to integrating into your operating model and gaining a comprehensive understanding of your organisation, with the goal of working as a single team.

Do you want to spend less time on
day-to-day support issues?

With NDS Global you can allocate more time to strategic, business driven enhancements. Take advantage of the NDS Global Extended Team Services and leverage variable resources to provide stronger strategic value.

With NDS,

Think of a strong, competent set of Developers, Technical Consultants, Functional Consultants, Test Specialists, Solution Architects, System Administrators and PMO Consultants, capable of implementing your project, anticipating your needs and delivering on schedule.